Thursday, 24 June 2010

Something different...

Asalamu Alaykum :) to my Muslim readers and hello to all my yet non-Muslim readers ;)

I was thinking to do something different today just for fun.

Anyway... I hope you enjoy the quiz that follows.LOL

It is called " How much do you know about your Cats".

Q1) When does a cat purr?
a) When is scared?
b) When it is content?
c) When is in pain?
d) All of the above?

Q2) What is the most popular name for a kitty in the USA?
a) Kitty
b) Max
c) Buddy
d) Sophie

Q3) Cats always land on their feet
a) True
b) False

Q4) Superstitious beliefs in the past led to the killing of many cats, which in turn helped what?
a) The popularity of fish
b) The spread of plague
c) The overpopulation of songbirds
d) All of the above.

Q5) What does it mean a cat's tail swishing from side to side?
a) He is relaxed
b) He is scared
c) He is angry and about to pounce
d) He is showing his submission

Q6) Calico cats are always male
a) Right
b) Wrong

This is an excerpt from a quiz in the national geographic. Here is the linkCat Quiz

While I was going through the quiz, I realised how little I know about cats. I think my pet cats, will not be too pleased with me:)

Here is some photos.

This is  our ginger cat. He is a little boy cat and he is 1 year old. 

This is our other cat, she is a little girl cat and she is 3years and 6 months old.

She is long suffering as  our Ginger cat is full of tricks. LOL

Inshallah, one day they will get on.

Thanks for reading

Wa Salaam ;)

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oldie goldie said...

lol i'm allergic to cats.. i had one long time ago though..