Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Dear Sister’s Disheartening Cry (A short moral story)

“I have four sisters and I am the wealthiest one out of them, however I don’t understand why my relatives visit my sisters frequently. When the appointed time to visit me arrives, very few visit me, whilst they visit my four sisters daily. As for me, I only witness but few. They are extremely neglectful with regards to visiting me. Furthermore, they cut me off for days on end, to the extent that I don’t even see some of them at all. It is as if my name doesn’t exist in their mental dictionaries. Some visit me in a state of laziness and sluggishness attitude. Their excuses are absolutely not acceptable. What should I do?

I am the most generous one out of my sisters towards those who visit me, yet I do not accuse my sisters of having any iota of shortcomings. All of them know that I am the one that gives the most.
Many advise my relatives to visit me due to the abundance of good I hand out and generosity to those who visit. Despite all of this, they distance themselves from me. Despite the cries, there is no reaction, as though they are lifeless.
What is the problem? Why this abandonment? Am I not one of five sisters? Why do they deprive me of their intimacy? Why do they forget about me?
This is the end of my disheartening story. What remains to be known is who am I?
I am known by two names, each name consisting of only three letters when spelt in Arabic.
I am none other than the endeared, rich and neglected prayer of Fajr or Subuh.
My complaint is about the masses of Muslims that have abandoned me. My sisters are the other four daily prayers and my relatives are the Muslims that draw nearer to Allah through me.”
…Indeed, prayer has been decreed upon the believers a decree of fixed times.” [Quran, 4: 103]

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