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Ramadan Recipe by Karimah bint Dawoud- bangalah magreb dajjaj…… moroccan chicken with a bengali twist

Ramadan recipe by karimah bint dawoud bangalah magreb dajjaj…… moroccan chicken with a bengali twist 

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  1. A Ramadan Recipe By Karimah Bint Dawoud.
    Muslim chaplain and Well Being Writer
  2. Welcome Note
    As salaam alaikumwarahmtulaahiwabarakatu brothers and sistars!!!
    On a lighter note a succulent gorgeous recipe for tasty chicken that can be eaten with rice , couscous or simply salad.  A version of  this recipe is in my forth coming book inshallah, Heavenly Bites, published by Kube Publishers.
  3. Since I wrote my version of this traditional Moroccan recipe,
    I have been on trips to  the back streets of East London, where my second Muslim family live, the Bengalis… 
    I love you!!!! 
    There I have found these visually engaging crinkly green  lime things and was told by the man behind me in the queue  that you can eat the skins. I have since found out they are called shatkora.
    The Prophet Muhammed, salahalaihiwasalem, said about citrus, ” The believer  who recites the Quran is likened to the utrujj; its taste is good, its scent is good” SAHIH BUKHARI AT’IMA 30
    These wild oranges or shatkora provide the new subtle twist in this magrebi recipe.
    This is the latest version of this recipe to listen up!
  4. Step by Step
    Step 1 
    Clean your chicken, soak in a big bowl or sink with water, salt, and lemon juice, meanwhile make the marinade.
    (Sort of...)
  5. Step2
    1 table spoons of Moroccan marinade( exact recipe in book) which consists of chopped fresh coriander, parsley. garlic , salt and olive oil.
  6. Step2
    Add 1 teaspoon of each ginger powder, tumeric and cumin, I hope Gordon is paying attention.
  7. Step 3
    Grated zest of shatkora and unwaxed lemon
  8. Step4
    Mix it all together
  9. Step 5
    Rinse and drain water off chicken. Rub  marinade all over chicken, inside and out. If you are squeamish, now is the time to grow up and stop being so silly!
  10. Step 6
    Cut 1/2 of the lemon in slices and 1 slice of shatkora, juice the  remaining lemon and lime and pour over chicken, wash and chop some small green chillies and sprinkle over chicken
  11. Step 7
    Then add a good teaspoon of coarse ground black pepper
  12. Step 8
    Add lemon and lime slices, leave to marinate for a few hours ideally in a cool place less then 10 degree C ,before cooking  sprinkle black pepper over and a drizzle with a  good  green olive oil, 
  13. I love Moroccan but hey, I’m bias, they are my First Muslim family MASHALLAH!
    Roast for about 1  1/2 hours , in the last 1/2 hour add some olives ……….Latifa, Mr Curry will like this new version so try it honey!!!!
    Sort off....
  14. Finished Dish 
  15. Slideshare By Xenia

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