Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Quick remedies for low Eeman

From time to time we all get those days when our Eeman is at low levels. We feel disappointed, guilty, desperate, and spiritually failed. This includes myself.
In days like these, I feel that nothing I do or say is right, I feel that I am drifting away from Allah (swt) and I heading towards a helpless and hopeless end. Astagfirullah
For me, low eeman is a condition more severe than a medical condition. And I treat it as such.
When I feel like this, I seek an urgent remedy just as I would  seek a treatment/ remedy if I was ill.
A lot has been written and said about ways to revive and increase our eeman.
But as it is and as  in the case of us self treating our physical ailments I will list a summary of personally tried,quick and effective ways for a quick recovery from spiritual impairment...
In the Book of Allah, the Qur’an, we read that So we already have been given the prescription for the condition of a lowering eeman
“..When his verses are recited to them, it increases them in faith”… straight afterwards the Qur’an mentions acts of obedience, like the prayer, and giving alms..
Following is a summarised list:
1) Read, recite, listen to the Qur’an and contemplate in its meanings
2) Increase acts of obedience
In addition,
3) Stay away from sins
4) Dua- Ask Allah(sw) t0 to strengthen you
5) Take a look of the beautiful nature, marvel at the beautiful creation of Allah, be grateful, feel His Power and Wisdom and feel your own helplessness and Allah’s Greatness.
May Allah (swt) keep you and me in the best of Eeman
Remember me in your duas

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