Thursday, 9 June 2011

Amazing story-”My mum told me 8 lies”

Mum doesn’t say the truth all the time..She lied to me 8 times!

The story began when I was born ,as I was the only child for a very poorfamily who didn’t even have much food to eat,and if we had some Rice to eat,my mum used to give me her share.While she was putting the rice in front of me, she was saying: Oh my beloved boy,eat this rice,as I am not hungry..
That was her first lie!
When I grew up a little, my mother used to end housekeeping and go fishing in a small river near our house.She hoped to catch a fish that might help me to grow up.
One day, by the Help of ALLAH,she was able to catch two fish,so,she came back home fast & cooked them for me..I started to eat my first one while she was eating what is left of theflesh on the bones !! that was so touching for me,so i gave her the other fish to eat it.then she said: Oh my beloved boy,eat this fish too,u know I don’t like fish..
That was her second lie!
And when I grew up I had to join the school, but we haven’t had enough money for that..So,Mother went to the market and agreed with an employee of a clothing shop that she would take the mission of marketing goods with ladies at their homes..
On a Winter rainy night,my mother went to work and I waited at home, but she was late,so I went out looking for her nearby..I’ve found her carrying goods and knocking the doors to sell them..I said: Mum let’s go home now & you may continue tomorrow..She smiled & said: Oh my beloved  go now,as I’m not tired..
That was her third lie!
On my last day exam in school, my mother insisted on going with me,so I entered and she stood waiting for me outside in the heat of the sun..
When the bell rang,i went out to find mum bringing me a drink ,she hugged me strongly asking God Almighty to let me success.Suddenly, I looked at her face and I found her so exhausted , I gave her the cup immediately and I said to her: Drink, Mom .She replied:Oh my beloved boy,you drink it. I’m not thirsty..
That was her forth lie!
After the death of my father, my mother had to live the life of a widowed mothers, she became the only responsible one for the house and had to provide all our needs. Life became more complicated and we were suffering from hunger.
My uncle was a good man. he was sending us what we fill our hunger by, but when he & our neighbors saw us getting from bad to worse, they advised my mother to marry a man to support us, as she was still young But my mother refused to marry, saying: I do not needto love ..
That was her fifth lie!
After I finished my studies and graduated from university, I got a rather good job.
I thought that it was the perfect time to mum to rest and leave me the responsibility of spending money
At that time she was no longer has the strength to work , but she was trying to sell some vegetables every morning.. When she refused to leave her work I wanted to give her a share of my salary,but she refused to take it, saying: My belovedboy, keep your money for yourself,as I have enough money of mine..
That was her sixth lie!
In addition to my work ,I  continued my studies in order to get a master’s degree, successfully, I  did it & increased my salary.. The German company that I worked for gave me the chance to work at the main branch in Germany,so I felt very happy, and I started dreaming about a new beginning and a happy life.
after I traveled & stabled there, I called my mother to invite her to come and stay with me,
But she didn’t like to bother me and said: Oh,my beloved boy..I’m not accustomedto live such a wealthy life..
That was her seventh lie!
My mother grew up and became in old age, and she had cancer too!
Oh,God! I  must be beside her, but what do I do while i am too far away from my country? So,
I left everything and went to visit her at home, i found her so sick ,laying on the bed after a surgery she had.When she saw me, she tried to smile to me, but my heart was burning as she had been very sick & weak.She is not my mother i used to know!
My mother tried to make it easy for me,she said: do not cry,my beloved son, I do not feel any pain..
That was her eighth lie !
After saying that,she closed her eyes, then never wake up again..
To all who enjoy the presence of their mother in life: Keep this blessing & treat her kindlybefore you loose her..
And to all who have lost their beloved mother: always remember how they were tired for you, and pray to God always to grant them mercy and forgiveness..
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D.M said...

This is so beautiful=)
Thanks for sharing.

Faheem said...

mashallah love of Quran and hadith will bring us Muslim closer so we have to chose the right path and learn Quran and its hadith in the true manner quran reading listening to quran online Quran Teaching

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

Jazak Allah khair for sharing :).It is so touching .

Xenia said...

Asalam Alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. I am always grateful for your beautiful comments. Jazakum Allah Kheyran