Thursday, 12 May 2011

Alhamdulillah! It's Jumuah

Assalamu ‘alaykum,
As for the Jumuah  prayer, there are many etiquettes and actions that can get you great reward. All of the things i mention below are mentioned in authentic ahadeeth of the Prophet.
1) Coming early for the angels record on a special book for such people. They close this book when the Imam comes in.
2) Doing Ghusl for it is something that is highly recommended on Jumu’aa, according to the vast majority of scholars.
3) Using a Miswak and applying perfume for the hadeeth of ghusl includes these two things as well.
4) Not talking at all during the khutbah for one who does nullifies his prayer.
5) Not playing with the carpet or its designs. Any distraction as small as this can nullify your prayer.
6) Concentrating and internalizing the message of the khutbah for this is the entire purpose of the gathering.
7) Knowing that the khutbah is part of the prayer and so respecting it the same way one respects their conversation with Allah.
8) To make du’aa at the time the Imaam sits in the middle of the khutbah. For it may be the special time of Friday and one should not miss this time in which du’aa is accepted no matter what.
Wallahu ‘alem.


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