Saturday, 15 May 2010

My all time favourite book

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 MashaAllah,I love reading.
By opening a book I often realise how much knowledge is out there for me to discover.
I discovered the joy of reading very early on in life. Television was never a favourite with me. And I carried on my reading through my adult years.When the children were little, I had less time but I still was getting through the odd book here and there. LOL
I love books. When the house quietens down for the night I like nothing better than to" bury" myself  in the pages of a good book. Through its pages I could be  learning about anything at all. Science, Nature, New discoveries,or it could be about people and their problems. In some of the books the characters are fictional in others are real. Some of the stories are from times gone by, period novels. I appreciate that however much things have changed, the fact remains that they had and we have problems, different though they might be.
We have more technology in our fingertips, running water, electricity, all gadgets when " they had to kindle the fire" and wash in the tub but also we are more isolated and self centred. When I finish a book is like saying goodbye to a good friend. I always send a silent " thank you" to the author for the knowledge they imparted with
But there is one Book different than all others, my favourite Book...
My favourite Book- The Holy Qur'an
Author- The Lord of the Worlds
Every time I open the Holy Qur'an it is for sure that I  will learn something new.
It never dates and is the best " councillor" to my problems and the problems of humanity. Allah talks to us through its pages and by His permission we can see the answers to long or short term problems ,staring at us. Though is not a Science Book we learn about science. Though is not a History Book we learn about History. The Holy Qur'an does not give us only the answers. It encourages us to think and find answers for ourselves.It satisfies our need to learn and develop spiritually but also practical with solutions to social and other matters.
Glorious, Majestic, Noble. The Book with no Comparable. Every Muslim's must be favourite Book. The Holy Qur'an.


oldie goldie said...

mashaAllah, the best book there is!

muslimah93 said...

Subhanallah! Awesome post. The Quran truly is sooo amazinggg! It is probably the only book that is memorized word to word. Not by a few, but by many Muslims all around the world. Just by reading it is so beautiful, helpful, and rewarding. =)