Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The empty criticisms and the "nit" picking...

Sometimes it is very difficult to put pen to  paper or on this instance use the keyboard, lol, to describe feelings.
Yesterday I was saddened by criticism on a project that I have undertaken and I have spent a lot of time on, for the past few months. Nothing major, just some as we call it " nit picking" comments with no offers of volunteering time or effort to help resolve possible mistakes . So that's why it hurt so much . It is very easy to be an outsider offering criticism and that's all. Just plain criticism with nothing else to offer.
When one is involved in dawah projects through the net, is very difficult to distinguish the genuine from the fake reader and critic.
People who are genuine as far as I am concerned, instead of making remarks, should offer help, guidanceand encouragement.
The ones who do not like our efforts, the ones with  hidden agendas, obviously will use different methods  to demotivate and demoralise and try to halt our efforts.
. Giving myself time to think,  I came to my own decision to carry on with my efforts regardless.
In fact I will use the comments in a constructive way and I will try  to better my efforts. Everything we do is to please Allah, The Exalted. The creation is another matter.
To all my readers who commented on yesterday's post a Big Big Thank You. May Allah Bless you.

And Allah Knows Best


MoOn SmiLe said...

whenever u get criticism,U should know u are on the right path.Don't worry sister, and let the critics make u stronger & more determine than ever..:)

muslimah93 said...

I agree with Moon Smile! And plus, as long as what you are doing is right (Islamicly), then don't worry what others say. Only Allah can judge us! =)