Sunday, 23 May 2010


It has been just an ordinary weekend.This morning the day started with  brilliant sunshine streaming through the windows.Though  I am never sure about hot days, today I was determined to enjoy the day. So I found pleasure in...
It was a pleasure to leave the patio doors open and allow the slight  breeze to caress my face. It was a pleasure to cook a meal and sweat over the hot stove ( special recipe fried chicken)..LOL  It was a pleasure to listen to the happy, excited children and smell the barbecue smoke drifting  in the gardens.( No complaint about ruining the washing hanging in the garden)!!
It was nothing extraordinary about today.But it was a special day. It was another day that was gifted to me to spend with my family and appreciate the beauty of the change of the seasons. Another opportunity to see, smell, hear, do and appreciate.
So I did not need a retail therapy trip, hoarding things that I do no need. I had all I needed today. Alhamdulillah.! I felt content.
Being able to find happiness and contentment in our own lot is a great blessing from Allah

There are so many pleasures and blessings in our lives if only we look, find them, appreciate them and be happy.
Inshallah you had a happy and content weekend too.

Salams :)

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oldie goldie said...

alhamdulilah we had a nice weekend. me and my oldest daughter took our kids on a hike. the weather was warm, not too hot. the nature was beautiful. we really enjoyed it. the pleasures of life.