Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Believing Woman is Alert

From the Book" The Ideal Muslimah" by Dr Muhammad Ali-Hashimi
Chapter 1: The Muslim Woman and Her Rabb

One of the most prominent distinguishing features of the Muslim woman is her deep faith in Allah
(SWT), and her sincere conviction that whatever happens in this universe, and whatever fate
befalls human beings, only happens through the will and decree of Allah (SWT); whatever befalls a
person could not have been avoided, and whatever does not happen to a person could not have
been made to happen. A person has no choice in this life but to strive towards the right path and to
do good deeds - acts of worship and other acts - by whatever means one can, putting all his trust
in Allah (SWT), submitting to His will, and believing that he is always in need of Allah's (SWT) help
and support

The story of Hajar offers the Muslim woman the most marvellous example of deep faith in Allah
(SWT) and sincere trust in Him. Ibrahim `May peace be upon him' (PBUH) left her at the Ka`bah in
Makkah, above the well of Zamzam, at a time when there were no people and no water in the
place. Hajar had no-one with her except her infant son Isma`il. She asked Ibrahim, calmly and
with no trace of panic: "Has Allah (SWT) commanded you to do this, O Ibrahim?" Ibrahim (PBUH)
said, "Yes." Her response reflected her acceptance and optimism: "Then He is not going to abandon
us." Reported by Bukhari in Kitab al-Anbiya1
Here was an extremely difficult situation: a man left his wife and infant son in a barren land, where
there were no plants, no water, and no people, and went back to the distant land of Palestine. He
left nothing with her but a sack of dates and a skin filled with water. Were it not for the deep faith
and trust in Allah (SWT) that filled Hajar's heart, she would not have been able to cope with such a
difficult situation; she would have collapsed straight away, and would not have become the woman
whose name is forever remembered night and day by those who perform hajj and `umrah at the
house of Allah (SWT), every time they drink the pure water of Zamzam, and run between the
mounts of Safa' and Marwah, as Hajar did on that most trying day.
This deep faith and awareness had an amazing effect on the lives of Muslim men and women: it
awoke their consciences and reminded them that Allah (SWT) witnesses and knows every secret,
and that He is with a person wherever he may be.

Xenia's note: Lets supplicate Allah to increase us in Knowledge and Faith

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